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List of Plant and Machinery  
Boko WF2/10 Vertical CNC Miller 1
Boko WF3/12 Vertical CNC Miller 2
Herbert 5 Lathes 2
Herbert 7 Lathe 1
Herbert 8 Lathe 1
Herbert 9 Lathes 2
Webster Bennett 3 Ft Vertical Borer (Copy) 1
Webster Bennett 3 Ft Vertical Borer 2
Webster Bennett 4 Ft Vertical Borer 1
Webster Bennett 4 Ft Vertical Borer CNC 1
Giddings & Lewis 4 Ft CNC Borer 1
Webster Bennett 6 Ft Vertical Borer 1
TOS Horizontal Borer 1
Warner Swasey 3SC (CNC) Lathe 2
Archdale Pillar Drills 2
6 Ft Radial Arm Drill 1
Richmond NC Drilling Machine 1
Hydrovane Compressor 1
Addison 440ha Auto Bandsaw 1
3.0 Ton Forklift Truck 2
5.0 Ton Forklift Truck 1
Binns & berry CNC Lathe 1
Pedestal Grinder 3




W. Maass manufacture and supply the following products using the list of materials:-
Materials: Stainless Steel, Duplex, Super Duplex, 6 Moly, CRA Clad and Nickel Alloy
Products: Duplex Flanges, Duplex Fittings, Duplex Pipe, Super Duplex Flanges, Anchor Flanges, Swivel Ring Flanges, Riser Flanges, Tubeplates, Hydrocyclone Plate,
Manufacturers of Subsea pipeline components.